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الأربعاء، يوليو 20، 2011

PC Errors & Solutions

PCs run into problems all the time, and they typically respond by
sending you a message that is either indecipherable or too vague to be of any use
In this issue we translate those arcane computing error messages into plain English, and we point out potential solutions to the problem. Use this issue as a handy reference for whenever you encounter PC errors
Error messages aren’t evil monkey wrenches that clog the gears of your computer’s systems—but they are signs that something isn’t quite right. Pinpointing the problem, even if you have a clearly written error message at your disposal, is not always
easy because your computer is so complex,incorporating hardware, numerous programs, and an OS (operating system) that supposedly helps each of those components play nice
 Error Messages Contain Helpful
Troubleshooting Information
This ebook, explains some common problems every computer user may face
and suggests useful a easy to understand language