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السبت، يوليو 09، 2011

Computer Graphics Using Java 2D and 3D

This Java based graphics text introduces advanced graphic features to a student audience mostly trained in the Java language. Its accessible approach and in-depth coverage features the high-level Java 2D and Java 3D APIs–offering an elegant and easy-to-understand presentation of 2D and 3D graphics without compromising the fundamentals of the subject
The book does a good job of combining the teaching of computer graphics principles with enough of the fundamentals of programming in the Java 2D and Java 3D APIs to make the reader competent in being able to transfer his/her knowledge to other graphics APIs. However, there is just enough of the Java graphical APIs shown to establish basic competency in programming with them, so if what you are really seeking is great ability in Java 2D or Java 3D you should look for other sources of information
There are lots of Java programs demonstrating graphics principles included, just not a detailed explanation of the APIs involved. The only chapter that is a little off is the last one on additional 3D topics. I'm not sure why a section on sound was included in a text on graphics, other than because Java 3D has a sound engine, although it has always proved somewhat unreliable