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Office Password Recovery PRO

Size 2.11 MB
OS : Windows 2000/95/98/XP/vista/7
Office Password Recovery PRO is an effective "all-in-one" solution for Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, pps etc.) that recovers all types of lost or forgotten passwords to open and modify files and supports all versions of Microsoft Office, including 2003. Any and all formatting and editing restrictions, locked cells protection, shared protection passwords are retrieved instantly
The Wizard gives you the option of simply decrypting the spreadsheet (aka. removing the password protection entirely) or displaying the original document password
Recovery Option 1: 100% Instant Document Decryption
This option is the quickest way to access your file, but strips all password protection from the document, so you'll need to setup password protection on the file again if you want to lock it down in the future
With this option, the application securely pings the Password Solutions' server to determine the type of encryption used on the file and determines the best decryption method for removing the password from the Excel workbook