Digital Clock and Date

الجمعة، مارس 29، 2013

اختصارات لوحة المفاتيح لمتصفح الانترنت الفاير فوكس

Double-click On a word
Select the word
Select entire line
Wheel click
Activate the Smooth scrolling
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel forward
Increase font size
Hold Ctrl + Scroll Wheel backward
Decrease font size
Click one point then hold Shift & click another
Create a selection from the two points
New Tab
Move focus to address bar
Toggle on/off full-screen mode
Alt + Left Arrow
Go back on history. Same pas Backspace
Alt + Right Arrow
Go forward on history
Ctrl + A
Select All
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + C
Copy Selected
Ctrl + D
Add the current page to favorite
Ctrl + E
Search panel
Ctrl + F
Findon page
Ctrl + H
Toggle History panel
Ctrl + I
Toggle Favorites panel
Ctrl + J
Ctrl + N
Open New browser window
Ctrl + P
Print current page / frame
Ctrl + R
Refresh. Same as F5
Ctrl + T
New Tab
Stop (while page is loading
Ctrl + Ente
Auto complete a url address ، For example, type google in the address bar and press CTRL + ENTER to get
Shift + Enter
Complete a .net instead of a .com address
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Complete a .org address
Ctrl + Tab
Cycle through open tabs